Pratham‘s strength is in the low-cost, scaleable and innovative programs it has developed, not only for ease of adaptability in a range of situations that exist in different regions and communities, but also to address a wide range of conditions and challenges faced by children in the slums. This includes ‘bridge’ programs for drop-outs or weaker students, vocational training for older childern, basic health care and counselling, and after-school monitoring.

Balwadi: Pre-school program.

Bridge Course Program: Aimed at kids who have never attended school or have dropped out, who need a structured set-up to prepare them for re-entry into formal schooling

Balsakhi: Remedial education program for kids who are struggling or weak in studies and are falling behind.

Akhar Setu: Designed to accommodate the special needs of kids who need to support their families.

Outreach Program: Educational opportunities for child-labourers, street children, pavement dwellers and kids in conflict with the law. Teaching happens in factories, on the sidewalk, railway platforms, etc.

Pratham Education Centre: Pratham Education Centres (PECs) are organized where there are no nearby schools or the schools are overcrowded, bringing together fiive bridge programs in one location.

Pratham Health: Basic nutrition and hygiene education and counselling, plus Adolescent Family Life Education

Computer-assisted Learning: Designed for munipal school kids with no computer access, to familiarize them with computers through educational (math and language) games.

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Health check-ups for pre-school children (includes de-worming, provision of Vitamins and Iron supplements)

Static and Mobile clinics that provide preventive and therapeutic medical advice

Health education for Pratham teachers, workers and parents of community children

Awareness of substance abuse and other related topics

Door-to-door environmental hygiene screening

Read India Program: Pratham’s Read India movement is an accelerated learning program designed to teach all children aged 6-14 to have basic skills in reading, writing and arithmetic by the year 2010. Targeting over 60 million kids all over India, it has received major financial support from foundations such as the Hewlett-Gates Foundation and Google Inc.  

Read India Program

Pratham develops its own teaching materials

Children at risk

Pratham's Council for Vulnerable Children (PCVC): PCVC reaches out to children at risk, such as child labourers and street children. It runs drop-in centers, educational programs and residential camps for those children who have been recently  rescued from bonded labor conditions.

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