Pratham Canada supports the activities of Pratham India by:

• raising awareness about Pratham's mission, goals and objectives,

• raising funds for its various programs and activities,

• facilitating the involvement of volunteers in various aspects of Pratham's operations,  and

• exploring collaborative opportunities with Canadian institutions and agencies (public and private) with similar interests.

How much does it cost to educate a child in India's slum communities?

A little goes a long way, because of Pratham’s unique low-cost model of program delivery. On average, 95% of donated funds are spent on educational programs and services.

Did you know...?

• $20 - pays for one child's education per year

• $600 - supports one Pre-school for one year

• $800 - supports a community for one year

• $1,800 - develops a new Pratham book

Pratham's work is being recognized by international publications and organizations

Your donation makes a difference!

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Tackling the Root Causes of Poverty

Why does Pratham focus on primary education for children in slum communities?


A large percentage of India’s urban poor live in slum communities which lack even the most basic educational infrastructure. Millions of kids in these communities have no access to education because there are no schools in the slums. Illiteracy, poverty, large families, hunger and exploitation are a way of life.

By targeting kids at an early age, Pratham ensures that they have a head start in life by preparing them for school when they get older.

Moreover, Pratham trains thousands of young women from the slums to deliver its educational programs, thus ensuring that they have gainful employment and do not fall victim to exploitation and abuse.
Pratham Canada is the Canadian branch of Pratham India, India’s largest NGO dedicated to universalizing primary education for millions of children in India’s slum communities. Pratham Canada is a Canadian registered charity, with the aim of creating awareness and raising funds to support the activities and programs of Pratham India.
Donations to Pratham Canada are tax-deductible.
Canada Revenue Agency Federal Charity Registration # 85231 6348 RR0001

Pratham Canada salutes Graduates Without Borders

New Brunswick high school students raise nearly $5,000.00 for Pratham! See GWB


Jannat Performing Arts of Ottawa announces a fabulous new dance show HOPE at the Algonquin Commons Theatre on February 12, 2016. All proceeds go to Pratham Canada!